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BDST2 - White Vichyssoise

Colors = small beads of white, frosted and glossy crystal, champagne tan and the complement White Bechamel Bead Gravy. Creamy smooth, like the chilled soup that gives the mix its name.


BDST20 - Grilled Maize

Colors = bicolor mix of small beads in frosted black and grey, amber, and a mix of black and amber Bead Gravy. Barbecue an ear of multi-colored corn, the Indian maize of old, and you'll have the same contrasting colors with a touch of charring.


BDST3 - Tart Cherry

Colors = small beads of rose pink, rainbow red, facetted crystal, champagne pink and the complement Strawberry Puree Bead Gravy. The mix will suggest a frothy sundae built with cherry ice cream.


BDST4 - Tomato Salsa

Colors = small beads of reds, frosted and glossy, and the complement Rich Paprika Bead Gravy. Definitely spins the effect of chopped tomatoes with the heated hint of dark red chili peppers. Oh yeah!


BDST5 - Eggplant Crunch

Colors = small beads of frosted lavender and glossy amethyst with the complement Blackberry Violet Bead Gravy. Okay, you might not actually crunch eggplant, but the gentle coolness will add depth to any embellishment project, stitched or strung.

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