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BDGR1 - Minty Pastels

Colors = minty greens with a colorful range of soft pastels plus a scattering of metallic silver and gold with a dose of crystal for sparkle. Think after-dinner mints or frosted dessert. Yummy. Head-clearing and refreshing.


BDGR10 - Black Portobello

Colors = surprising shades of glossy and frosted black tossed with bright shades of gray, gunmetal, frosted violets and blues plus a stir of gold and silver metallic. Few foods are truly black, but the earthiness of basic black conjures up the rich flavor of a grilled mushroom cap.


BDGR11 - Metallic Demi-Glace

Colors = combination of silver-lined beads in crystal and gold with a peppering of gunmetal and/or bronze beads. Named for the most elegant and time-consuming sauce from the kitchen, this mix hails as the top neutral of the Bead Gravy line, capable of complementing any color scheme in your project.


BDGR2 - Bechamel White

Colors = glossy winter whites blended with frosted crystal and butter cream colors, dosed heavily with metallic silver and gold with the sparkle of rainbow crystal. Like the basic white sauce it is named for, this equally basic neutral will enrich any project from June brides to holiday snowflakes.


BDGR3 - Strawberry Puree

Colors = soft pinks from transparent champagne to opaque pinks to luscious rosy red with varied finishes of luster to rainbow plus a generous shot of silver metallic and the glitter of rainbow crystal. Sweet and cool, this in-the-pink mix will have you thinking of sipping a fruit smoothie.

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