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BDGR4 - Rich Paprika

Colors = warm and rich flame to ruby reds with various finishes from glossy bright opaque to deep iris brilliance plus the heated addition of gold metallic. This spoonful of redness will conjure up the spiciness of Hungarian goulash or Texas chili. Maybe even the toe-tickling delight of a Valentine remembered.


BDGR5 - Blackberry Violet

Colors = soft lavender to violet and amethyst in transparent, opaque and silver-lined variations plus a liberal dose of silver metallic. The world of glass beads delivers mostly muted shades of permanently colored purples so embrace a handful of blackberry tones of sweet 'n tart. This color mix continues to be the most popular of all 24 Bead Gravy combinations.


BDGR6 - Dark Blueberry

Colors = crisp shades of light opaque blue to intense transparent cobalt blues in various finishes from luster to iris brilliance plus an icy shot of silver metallic. As clear as a star-filled night sky, these blues will lift memories of wild blueberries fresh off the bush.


BDGR7 - Blue Cheese Mornay

Colors = crunchy bright ocean blue, touch of teal and frosted white, sparkling with varied finishes and rainbow crystal plus a scattering of silver and gold metallic. As smoothly bright as the flavor of a sharp cheese, you will find this blue an addictive addition to any project in the near future.


BDGR8 - Green Pesto

Colors = shades of fresh herbal greens from dewy frost to basil dark in varied finishes of glossy to rainbow with seasoning of gold metallic. A vivid garden green with hints of blue and violet. Think spring as it tips into summer.

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